Premium mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile, is accelerating its expansion into South Africa in the coming months. Having dominated most of the African mobile phone market over the past 13 years, TECNO have now turned the attention to South Africa to expand their dominance into Africa’s most prominent nation.

TECNO started offering its mobile devices to South African customers in 2017, and has already made great strides, become a popular brand to the mass market.

Building on a successful first two years in the South African market, the brand’s expanded product portfolio is part of a larger nationwide strategy to increase accessibility and sales, while continuing to offer high specification products and quality sales services.

A camera tailored to African users
One of the biggest reasons for TECNO’s dominance over the African market is the fact that it creates phones that are designed to optimise the mobile experience for African users – particularly in terms of their cameras.

Facial recognition software present in TECNO devices has been tailored to the faces of African users, and skin colour detection is also optimised to these users – ensuring superior selfies for these users.

TECNO also tests its cameras under a variety of lighting conditions that are commonly found in African society to ensure that its colour detection technologies are optimally trained.

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